About Paul Bocco
Would it change your life if you had a predictable, secure, and hugely successful business generating an extra five to ten thousand dollars (or more) per month founded on Biblical Christian principles?

One that would allow you to exit the rat race once and for all?

And trade the forty-forty plan (forty hours a week for forty years) for total Kingdom freedom of your time, focus, and energy?

To serve where you’re called, to sow where you’re led and to be the head and not the tail financially and with your time?

Complete Christian independence?

For most, the answer is a big fat yes but getting consistently high ROI performance, let alone starting a new business, sure seems harder than they make it sound on all the videos, webinars and training...so what gives?

One thing to understand about me, I’m a bit weird.

See, I believe God is good and that through our relationship with Him, He wants us to be saved, wealthy, healthy, wise, happy, and having an impact in His kingdom, right here, right now. 

Just like any good parent would wish for their children.

I believe when we express this fullness, we are attractive billboards for His kingdom and plans… 

I also believe that every single one of His kids can (if they choose to) have a wildly successful and blessed business from the comfort of their own home.

I believe our time (which we can not replace) is more important than our money (which we can).

Since I discovered “simple business” as a tool to buy my time back (energy, focus, freedom, and life) and by refusing to accept society’s default template for mediocrity (jobs, 401ks, frugality, give our life savings to Wall-Street) my wife and I have been free to fully embrace God’s design for our lives without sacrificing the good life.   

Yes, that does mean I am not playing or participating in Wall-Street’s “hope, wait, and pray” game where we nervously invest all our savings into the stock market, all while commiserating over the Starbucks I couldn’t buy my wife because saving $4.12 was more important.   

It’s essential to know that there are alternatives to the forty-forty system and the “cross our fingers” retirement plan.  

Yes, they tell us, "The market always goes up.", but what happens if you need to access those assets when the market goes down?  

What if it's down when you NEED it to be up? 

I had two sets of grandparents decimated with market downturns, and it was sad.  

I'm not going to be a slave to market fluctuations my entire life, worried about retirement, worried about the kid's education, worried worried worried... 

...So goodbye, and thanks, but no thanks.  

This is not being the head. 

This is being the tail. 

I will not be a slave to the dollar my entire life. 

Is exiting the 40-40 plan even possible?

Have you ever thought about this, how to exit the rat race with a simple business that actually works?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot too.

I’ve run a Christian Business Incubator for fifteen years, worked with more than 865 clients, and started ten companies in ten different markets with ten different business models.

All of them bootstrapped with less than a couple thousand in start-up costs.

The first two were train wrecks, the next three were six figures and the last three seven, and I can share a few ideas I’ve found valuable.

I don’t share this to impress you, but to impress upon you that the right business model in alignment and fueled by Christian Biblical principles is very powerful.

If you’ve been feeling the draw toward entrepreneurship or doing something beyond your job, I believe that is God calling you.

Please take that seriously.

Please honor that call and draw.

I believe we need more wealthy Christians in this world.

I'm the Founder and CEO of Christian Entrepreneur Inc, a leading coaching, mentoring, and partnering program helping hundreds of Christians from around the globe launch their first or next successful business from scratch.

I created the program on the fundamental belief that people need “transformation, not information” to live their best lives.

My philosophy translates into a business incubator, founded on biblical principles, that provides both step-by-step learning and game-changing mindset training, a component Paul says was critical to his own business success.

I've been married close to 20 years to an amazing wife and have three awesome kids. 

I've analyzed over 150 different business models in my career.   

This gives me a unique perspective on the importance of matching skills, interests, and God-given talents WITH a market that the entrepreneur LOVES so big problems can be solved with excellence for those customers.

I believe this is the true path to build a predictable, fun and profitable long term business, one that the entrepreneur and his family can be proud or and that glorifies God in all ways. 

My gift is helping clients leverage technology and people to set up, launch, and scale profitable businesses that can be almost entirely managed by virtual assistants to create an amazing lifestyle business. 

Finding tremendous satisfaction in helping others, I realized there were virtually no comprehensive biblical-based Christian business incubators.

In 2006, I launched version 1.0 of the Incubator as an all-encompassing program to help even more people achieve what I believe should be accessible to all: personal and financial freedom.

According to Deuteronomy 8:18 "God gives us the power to create wealth"

I live in North Carolina with his wife and three children.
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