Part 1: 
The Challenge

(For Christians Starting A Business Based On Biblical Principles)

Would it change your life if you had a predictable, secure, and hugely successful virtual business generating an extra five to ten thousand dollars (or more) per month founded on Biblical Christian principles?

One that would allow you to escape the 9 to 5 rat race once and for all?

And trade the forty-forty plan (forty hours a week for forty years) for total Kingdom freedom of your time, focus, and energy?

To never have to worry about money again?

To not be stuck working until the age of 80 for someone else?

To trade 40 + hours a week with a job for 15 hours a week with your own simple virtual business?

And be able to invest your time into something that compensates you for what you decide you're worth?

No ceilings, no limits, no one else choosing your income or lifestyle or giving or service?

To be your own boss?

With 100% control of your time.

To serve where you're called, to sow where you're led and to be the head and not the tail financially and with your time? 

Complete Christian independence? 

For most, the answer is a big fat, yes, but getting to a consistent, predictable, and dependable five thousand or ten thousand a month (or more) sure seems harder than they make it sound on all the videos, webinars and what gives? 

Maybe, like me, you've been looking for something for a while and have been disappointed.

It seems the only "Christian" business ideas involve selling detergent or water filters or essential oils.

This manifesto may be a bit different.

I’ll explain why below.

One thing to understand about me, I’m a bit weird.

See, I believe God is good and that through our relationship with Him, He wants us to be saved, wealthy, healthy, wise, happy, and having an impact in His kingdom, right here, right now.

Just like any good parent would wish for their children.  

I believe when we express this fullness, we are attractive billboards for His kingdom and plans… 

I also believe that every single one of His kids can (if they choose to) have a wildly successful and blessed simple virtual business from the comfort of their own home. 

Not a big and complex "conventional business" with massive overhead and start-up costs, employees, supply chain management, insurance, payroll, and all the hassles and headaches...

...but a simple business built on Christian principles of excellence.

Is this possible?

Have you ever thought about this, how to exit the rat race with a simple business that actually works? 

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot too. 

I’ve run a Christian Business Incubator for fifteen years, worked with more than 1,967 clients, and started ten companies in ten different markets with ten different business models. 

All of them bootstrapped with less than a couple thousand in start-up costs. 

The first two were train wrecks, the next three were six figures and the last three seven, and I can share a few ideas I’ve found valuable.  

I don’t share this to impress you, but to impress upon you that the right business Model in alignment and fueled by Christian Biblical principles is very powerful. 

If you’ve been feeling the draw toward entrepreneurship or doing something beyond your job, I believe that is God calling you. 

Please take that seriously.  

Please honor that call and draw. 

I believe we need more wealthy Christians in this world.  
Since I discovered “simple business” as a tool to buy my time back (energy, focus, freedom, and life) and by refusing to accept society’s default template for mediocrity (jobs, 401ks, frugality, give our life savings to Wall-Street) my wife and I have been free to fully embrace God’s design for our lives without sacrificing the good life.  

Yes, that does mean I am not playing or participating in Wall-Street’s “hope, wait, and pray” game where we nervously invest all our savings into the stock market, all while commiserating over the Starbucks I couldn’t buy my wife because saving $4.12 was more important...

... so we could fund our debt snowball...

It’s essential to know that there are alternatives to the forty-forty, 9 to 5 rate race system, the “cross our fingers” retirement plans, and squeezing every penny into our debt snowballs and out of our life’s enjoyment. 

Yes, they tell us, "The market always goes up.", but what happens if you need to access those assets when the market goes down? 

What if it's down when you NEED it to be up?

I had two sets of grandparents decimated with market downturns, and it was sad. 

I'm not going to be a slave to market fluctuations my entire life, worried about retirement, worried about the kid's education, worried worried worried...

...So goodbye, and thanks, but no thanks. 

This is not being the head.

This is being the tail.

I will not be a slave to the dollar my entire life. 
All that’s needed, in my opinion, based on my track record, and those of my student partners, are three things.

Three things that anyone can do.

Simple things, not complicated.

In this manifesto, we’re going to walk through each one.

After you’ve gone through this information, you’ll have more clarity, purpose, and hopefully, some inspiration to pull the trigger on those dreams God planted in your heart.

If you’re going to cross a minefield, it’s wise to walk behind someone who’s already been across successfully a couple of times.

In just a minute, I’m going to walk you through this exact process. 

First, we need to cover some foundation.

Picking a business model is hard… 

...there are more options than ever. 

And when we try to do some research, it can feel like going to a county fair and hearing the carnival barkers... “Hey, You! Come over here and check out my new and shiny object !”

Then maybe we get the courage to buy one of these “courses,” “systems,” “blueprints,” “programs,” or software packages, and we roll up our sleeves with high expectations and jump in with both feet, excited…

“This could be the one we tell ourselves!”

Only to crash against the rocks of disappointment…

...Sheesh, this seems a lot more complicated than they made it out to be.

...Wait. What! Do I have to pay more to get the full system?

...Um, this was made five years ago.

...Huh! I can’t get my questions answered?!

Very frustrating.

Picking the right business model is difficult, especially when there are SOOO many options… 

Franchises, Ecommerce / Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, MLM’s, Local Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Service businesses… 

How do we even wrap our heads around it all… 

And that doesn’t include your more conventional business models (many of which are going the way of the dinosaur)...

If we’re selling products, how in the heck do we figure out what to sell that has a chance to compete with Amazon?

Is it even smart to compete with Jeff Bezos?

This decision making can be excruciatingly overwhelming...
Paid ads and getting traffic is hard… with limited targets that EVERYBODY is using

Having a great online presence and website can be super confusing… with new software, solutions, and services springing up all the time… talk about disorienting...

Messaging is crazy important - but tough because the internet is so crowded.  If you DO find something that works, everybody copies it and knocks you off, and it stops working too soon…

The conversion process is complex and complicated - often requiring convoluted “funnels,” email, and retargeting systems to convert at a high ROI level.

And to try to learn “funnel building," we are taught “funnel hacking”...

Um, isn’t that just a smooth way of saying, “steal someone else's work?”

I don’t know about you, but as a Christian, that doesn’t sit well.

You may not realize that with the pace of change in technology, software, and marketing, it’s rendering many “traditional” business models dead on arrival. 

They don’t work anymore.

You've probably noticed that we are in the middle of some massive shifts with technology, software, apps, and the gig economy.

Add the virus situation on top of this and with the economy bobbling…

It’s an entrepreneurial war zone, and it’s not getting any better.

Let’s not get started discussing people's ability to focus and the volume of messages that are being splashed across their attention…

The addiction to smartphones, which makes everything more of a challenge…

Fun experiment. 

Next time you’re out, leave your cell in the car.

Look around at everyone and notice how they are interfacing with their phones and the people around them...

What’s worse? Most business “systems”, “blueprints” and “models” are set up the “Old Way” (to maximize front end revenue for the business) and are not structured the “New Way” (to maximize value and service to the customer)...

To build a happy customer factory.

I want to build a business to hit My goals so I can get a new nicknack.

When the Lord first pointed out how selfish my goals were, I was deeply ashamed.

Today, I have a different focus, which I’ll share with you in a minute, and this focus has made all the difference in the world (my first three businesses we’re train-wrecks, my last three were seven figures, and the middle three were six).

You’ll want to pay attention to this shift.

Moving along…

And if you happen to be one of the people who don’t love chasing new shiny objects, you might feel like you’re just getting the scraps at best - even if your business idea is way better than the smooth-talking dude in the next ad over…

This doesn’t even address the mountains of “training” and “coaching” programs and “videos” and “Systems” that are out there that are a regurgitated copy of a copy of a copy of something that some dude introduced to the market back in 2014.

Some of them are better than others. 

Most of them have conflicting information. 

Many of them regurgitate the same “Old Way” stuff that no longer works… 

Tripwires, curiosity hooks, push marketing, coercion, arm twisting...

And a lot of the “coaches” don’t even run their own businesses anymore (if they ever did in the first place).

I’ve not found any founded by Godly Christian businessmen or women with fruit on the tree.

At least any that are bold and proud of their relationship and apprenticeship with Jesus our Lord.

Regardless, they all pretty much rely on you to be a rocket scientist when it comes to paid ads or “funnel building”, product selection, sales, and most require you to have amazing copywriting skills and technical chops.

If you aren't great at “funnels”, copywriting, marketing, paid ads, or technology, you get the crumbs.  That stinks.

Despite our best efforts, studying, buying courses, and trying different things, we are more confused and overwhelmed than ever, and when we look into the mirror, we maybe don’t see a winner, the champion that God created…

Instead, it can feel like “it’s working for them, what in the heck is wrong with me?”

“I know God wants me blessed. It says so in Deuteronomy 8:18: He gives me the power to produce wealth... but it’s not working..why? UGH!”

You don’t even realize all these things that are working against you...

But the bigger issue is, when is this business thing gonna start working and taking care of my family on a consistent and predictable basis?

Where I’m not on the roller coaster every month, struggling to explain to my spouse, you know, why the business thing is in the red again and is this going to be the thing that takes care of us or are we gonna be on the street one day...having to pack all our stuff in our car.

Do I need to give up on this dream and focus on my job?  Get another job or whatever.

Am I going to have to work “40 more years?”

Will we ever be able to reach our dreams?

Can we really ever hit ten grand per month or heck, even four grand?

Many of us have tried and failed so often that it’s hard to roll up our sleeves and try again.
Starting a business based on Christian Biblical principles is hard.
I should know, I’ve started 10 of them.

If anyone tells you it’s easy... Run! 

They are either delusional or an idiot (biblical sense of the word).

Yes, a business of your own is work...

But, done right, it is sooo worth it!

While it’s hard work, it can be simple…

Let me explain.

1. Harder than it seems.

2. Who to listen to?

3. Who to trust?

4. Is it even possible?
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