We Help Christians Escape the "40-40" Rat Race and Harvest $20K Per Month (minimum) Progressive Passive Income.
The 40-40 Plan (40 hours/40 years), is that God's best for our lives? Is that all there is?

We don’t think so.

We believe in earning our financial and time independence through building simple virtual business machines that can eventually operate 100% without us.


Through simple, predictable, and dependable "Service First" business machines based on Christian Biblical principles. 

We build with leverage, technology, systems, and virtual assistants to deliver extraordinary results to customers with excellence, every time. 

Do you feel God drawing you to start your own business? 

Or do more for His Kingdom?

Or be more?

Are you struggling to find a solid business model to work?

Hi, my name is Paul, and my team and I help Christians start their first or next business using my predictable Simple Business Machine systems.

We need a Mentor, a Business Model, and a bulletproof Mindset.

If you're interested in starting your first or next business with predictability, simplicity, and profitability, based on God's biblical principles, click the button below to learn more.
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