Part 2: 
The Discovery

First and real quick, you may be wondering who I am and why you might even read this...

Good questions.

In addition to my 20+ year business career, I’ve been married for over 20 years (most of them happy :o), and I’m the proud dad of three awesome kiddos.

I’m a bible believing, Spirit-filled, Jesus-loving, "Walk out loud" Christian. 

And I'm unapologetically bold about it.  
(if you're offended by a wealthy Jesus freak, no problem, but please leave this page now and find someone else you can receive from)

By no means am I or are we perfect, but I do my best and simply trust God for the rest.

My wife and I are Financially independent and Time Independent.  

And have been for a long time. 

We wake up when we want, go where we want, with whomever we want, and follow God wherever He leads.  

We are both unemployable and, in many ways, live in an alternative universe compared with most. 

In fact, this Christian Business Incubator is my ministry. 

I don't have to do this.  

I want to do this.

My heart burns to help those who are willing to pay the price, to taste the goodness of walking in total financial and time freedom with the Lord.

They are our brothers and sisters in arms. 

And selfishly, my wife and I are looking for more friends to travel the ministries and beaches of the world with. 

No joke.  

Most of our social circle is stuck chained to a job or business, working forty-plus hours a week. 

Nothing wrong with a job... 

Unless one has been called to more.

I see Christians often frustrated because they have the heart to give.

They maybe don't think God called them to that "business" stuff or to that "let's harvest more" principle. 

But in my opinion, if one is called to be a big "giver," then they are automatically called to be a big "getter."

Otherwise, God would just be teasing us.

And building business and acquiring cash flow-producing assets are the best ways to increase the pipeline. 

If God can get it through us, He can get it to us. 

To the best of our ability, my wife and I have built everything on Christian biblical principles, walking with the Lord Jesus and working hard.  

We believed what others wouldn't, and today, we live like others can't. 

My wife and I sow more in one month into the Kingdom than we used to make in a year.  And every month we increase that percentage.

Most months, we harvest over 100k on the first day of the month.  Profit. 

I don't say that to brag on me. I'm nothing. 

But to brag on Him, He's everything. 

I'm nothing special. 

I grew up in a blue-collar home, no special education.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

My wife and I simply decided to believe what He said and work hard.

If we can do it, so can you.

IF you're willing to believe, trust, get focused and work hard. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to retire early?

To live without any financial stress?

I feel like God has called us to a higher standard.

I believe that if anyone is to enjoy blessings, it should be us, His children, right?

I've been thinking about these questions a lot too.

I've run CBI, a Virtual Christian Business Incubator for fifteen years, worked with more than nineteen hundred sixty-seven clients and started ten companies in ten different markets with ten different business models.

The first two were train wrecks, the next three were six figures, and the last three seven, and I can share a few ideas I've found valuable.

Had I known these principles when I first started, I’d have one business at nine figures today.

If you feel drawn to entrepreneurship, then I believe God planted that “desire” in your heart, and I encourage you to chase it with everything you’ve got.

Please don't take my word for it.  

We have over 200 and growing, Video Testimonials from our happy members.

This doesn't include testimonials from emails, text, social media posts, community posts, or feedback from one-on-one coaching.

Add those in, and it's over 1,000.

Always remember.

With God, All things are possible.

You CAN do it!

In today's day and age, I believe in proof.  

The bible says, "You'll know a tree by its fruit."

So here is some...

First, a few member video testimonials.

Second, 2021 screenshots from one of our Stripe merchant accounts from one of our businesses. You can audit total harvest, year-to-date harvest, and first day of the month harvest.

2022 UPDATE: Our best month to date was $780,000.

Obviously, this doesn't include our giving, sowing, portfolio, class B apartment holdings, notes, hard money loans, crypto, other business holdings, or any other assets.  The most important being our giving and sowing. 

Because of my stance, I've already got enough of a target painted on my back. 
I would be a fool to disclose that level of detail publicly.

These two videos are just a brief glimpse into one corner of our Kingdom Harvest flow, so you can make an informed decision if you want to read any further. 

Like, hey, I might be able to pick something up from this guy...

Or on the other hand, if you're already harvesting over seven figures per month, then I probably can't help you... yet.
You may be wondering why I’ve had so many businesses.

And no, I don’t have ADD (well maybe a little), but I wasn’t changing businesses just to change, because I like pulling my hair out...

No, not at all.

Had I known what I’m going to share with you in this manifesto, I probably would have only had three, and the last one would most likely be an eight-figure business.

I’ve coached 1000’s of students over the past years.

I won’t bore you with stories of them quitting their jobs, retiring their spouses, buying their time and attention back to focus on building His Kingdom or paying cash for cars, houses, or any of that, although I could...

I do want to share with you three hard-fought lessons that may help you.


It was said: “When you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other.”
I’ve analyzed over 150 different business models and noticed the distinctions  between: 

✅ Complicated vs. simple. 

✅ Start from zero every month vs. build recurring income.

✅ Slow vs. fast to results. 

✅ Flashy and short term vs. evergreen. 

✅ Deliver crap vs. actual value. 

✅ High overhead vs. low overhead. 

✅ Just a job vs. a true happy customer machine. 

And a lot of other differentiation. 

Not to mention the direct experience I've had in launching ten from scratch bootstrapped businesses with zero outside funding. 

In a sec, I’ll map you what I believe is the best one in America today for us Christians. 

You’ll want to review that. 

I don’t know about you, but a few of the elements I want in a Business: 

✅ Works relatively fast: I don’t want to have to learn a hundred things just to get it going. I want to work a proven blueprint and see results within 24 to 48 hours. 

✅ Has a recurring model built-in.  I don't want to wake up and be worried about next month's bills.  I want to wake up on the first of the month and know the entire month is already covered and we are building from there.  Starting from scratch every single month is a grind.

✅ It doesn’t require my team or me to have a Mensa level IQ: Those team members are way too expensive, and I’m not that smart. 

✅ It is simple: I don’t want to get a migraine headache trying to understand how the machine works. It has to have five core systems or less.

You can’t scale something complex as quickly as you can grow a 
simple, clean, and elegant machine. 

✅ It is extraordinarily profitable on a per unit basis.  I once had a business selling physical products (jewelry, mugs, gadgets, t-shirts... You name it), and we’d only 
make like $10 or $30 bucks per sale.

To hit any reasonable level of throughput, we’d need to do dozens and hundreds of units. We got it up to 500 orders a day... I look back on that foolishness. 

Today, I’ll only work a model if it produces a minimum of $3,000 per transaction. 

It takes just as much energy and effort to operate in the thousands as it does the tens or hundreds of dollars. 

✅ It is evergreen: I’m done with learning systems that change as fast as I learn them. 

Things that are always moving, updating, “new this” “new that,” “that doesn’t work anymore, now you have to do this new thing”... 

I will only work a model that stays the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. 

In a second, I’ll map for you the model that’s been in operation for over 20 years and is not going anywhere, ever. 

✅ Delivers massive Value to the marketplace with excellence: My reputation is more important to me than my wealth, so I’ll only work a model that blesses all parties involved. 

I choose to pivot out of my last two seven-figure businesses because both of them had an issue with the “Evergreen” element above. 

The market changed, and we couldn’t keep up, and I didn't want the hassle. 

And it wasn't just us, but everyone else in that space was significantly impacted, some decimated, some still hobbling along, with hope as their only strategy. 

Thankfully I learned a long time ago from hockey great Wayne Gretzky, who said, when asked why he was so successful: “I don’t skate to where the puck was, I skate to where the puck is going to be."
👉 Lesson 2: MINDSET

“The Reason We Fail Is Broken Focus” - I said that and not to toot my own horn but, it’s a favorite of mine.

Having a great model is not enough anymore.

Business ideas are a dime a dozen.

Information is everywhere.

We are not after information. 

We are after transformation.

If information were the key, we could walk into a book store and be a millionaire with six-pack abs.

The farthest distance you will ever have to travel is six inches from your right ear to your left ear.

The only difference between a ditch digger and a multi-millionaire is how they think.

You need a powerful, Godly, fierce, Kingdom mindset.

And you need one in total alignment with your Model.

How frustrating would it be if I was working the Keto low carb diet Model but had a Vegan high carb low-fat Mindset?

Total incompatibility.

That's a mistake I see a lot of people make.

They pull a piece of information from one source and mash it up with a bit of information from another source, and they don't fit together.

And they wonder why it's not working.

They have created Frankenstein's monster. 

Another distinction many fail to make is that each Model has a corresponding Mindset.

Let's amplify with a few examples.

This is important. 

If you are building a business that has a six months setup and three-month sales cycle and you're starting from scratch, you better have a mindset that "this business is going to take me at least nine months and probably more."

Compared to a different business model that can be up and running in one week and can start to generate results within three.

Model A is a nine-month mindset.
Model B is a four-week mindset.

If you go into Model A with a Model B mindset, you'll be frustrated.

If model A requires 30 hours a week, and model B requires ten, but you combine a ten-hour per week Mindset with a 30 hour per week model, it's a nightmare.

If you are selling screws and making $.05 per transaction, you better have a "we've got to make ten billion sales a month to make any money" Mindset.

Last amplification.

Our Mindset impacts our belief.

If we see something working, that creates momentum, excitement, juice.

We start looking in the mirror and seeing a Boss.

Maybe our spouse has some more twinkle in their eye.

We can finally say: "This IS working!"

When we try something and don't see results, that causes friction, confusion, and frustration. 

The more belief we have, the more momentum, the more action, the more results.

It's a cascade that starts with Mindset.

A good business is the result of good design.

Think blueprint.

And good design includes Model and Mindset and the third one which we cover next.

You can have the best Model on planet earth, but with a weak mindset, it won't work.

If you put contaminated fuel in a Ferrari, that beautiful machine won't work.

Your fuel is your mindset.

The other big problem right now, scatter brain-itis.

Dang, that's fierce. 

I’ve fallen victim way too many times to “shiny object syndrome” or “the grass is greener over there.”

“Since I’m running into resistance with this business Model... maybe if I do that other business Model, it’ll be easier, more comfortable, more manageable.” 

“Ugh, this is harder than I thought.  Maybe that new-fangled, super sexy software “shiny bullet” system program 3.0 really works… might be worth a shot…”

Um, I have news for you...

My friend, the grass is greener where you water it. 


So don’t “Opportunity Hop.”

Instead, please do your research and due diligence and pick a reliable, proven, consistent Model, then commit to it and apply the proper Mindset.

I might add: don’t invest any time with anything that hasn’t been around for at least ten years.

As Christians, we do not ride fads.

Instead, we deliver value to the marketplace through a proven, practical, and long term business machine.

Next, I’m going to share one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned, and it made all the difference.

1. If you are feeling the draw from God to start your first or next business, you should chase it with all your heart. It's not easy, but it's worth it. 

2. Hard fought lessons learned from 20 years in the entrepreneurial trenches launching ten businesses (3 six figures and the last 3 seven).

3. You can do this! Because with God, all things are possible.

4.  The Power of the proper Mindset and Business Model.
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